I am a risk taker. The ceramic process of building and firing forms dances with the unknown. It is a constant reminder of how little we actually know and  control. I was raised on the East Coast and the turning of the tides made me conscious of the evolving aspect of nature.

The ceramic process is one of "change" and non-attachment. I can build large forms, glaze them, move them into the kiln, fire for days, and then cool for days. Then there is the moment of truth when opening the kiln - success or failure, or somewhere in between. Whichever it is, one must accept the gifts and the "dogs" of the fire.

The communal nature of this process, from the extraction of the clay from the earth, the mixing with water, the forming of the work, the drying of the water, and last but not lease, the firing of the kilns, we are working with the basic forces of nature: Earth and Fire. Here is the risk and excitement of the unknown.

This is a short video about me and my work. The segment about my work begins at minute 1:08.